SHS Class of '72

50 yrs on June 4th 2022 Retrospect

Well, we came, we saw, we reminisced, there's pix to prove it!

50 is in the rear view mirror, so next up is 55.

Some say a reunion is just a time to measure one's self against those we once knew. However, the reunion of the SHS Class of '72 was something much more.  A moment in time, where time suspended; we could move back in time, (a cadre of fifty-somethings shaking in our shoes as we entered our former home-rooms) and forward in time sharing tears for departed and ailing former classmates.  It was a time to reconnect, and in sharing memories, current situations and aspirations for the future, we left feeling healed, strengthened and hopeful.  It was, in fact, a family reunion empowered by friendship...even after a lapse of many years!

The pre game warm-up 

Friday June 3rd, Snacks & Drinks at Ford Field in the Shelter House (off of Monroe) 6-10pm.

44 people attended!

THE EVENT June 4th SHS Parish Hall

6-11pm. Pizza/wings/beer/wine/pop, music etc.

75 people attended! they say, and a good time was had by all. 

Seems like a 55th is in the works!

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